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The Many Benefits of Small Group Tours

Updated: May 29, 2023

In my last post, I debunked some common misconceptions of tours so now let’s visit the benefits of doing a tour:

You can find a tour for basically anything you want to do and anywhere you want to visit.

Are you a cycling enthusiast who would love to cycle through Tuscany? Or have you always wanted to experience the Day of the Dead Festival in Mexico City? The options out there for small group tours are truly limitless. I've personally done everything from a yoga retreat in Costa Rica to a food and wine tour in the Burgundy region of France to sailing the Greek Islands aboard a 40' sailboat.

Tours handle a lot of the logistics such as transportation allowing you to just show up and enjoy the trip.

Dying to see the Northern Lights in Iceland, but don’t want to risk driving in scary winter conditions? Always dreamed of going to Ireland, but not crazy about the thought of driving on the other side of the road? These aren’t things you’ll need to worry about when on a tour. All the transportation will be arranged for and included in the cost of the tour. You'll just get to sit back and relax, maybe even take a nap, until you reach your destination.

Tours make the most efficient use of your time.

If you work in corporate America, the paid time off (PTO) policy typically ranges anywhere from two weeks to four weeks, maybe more once you start moving up the ranks. That’s really not a whole lot of time especially when you take into account that you’ll need to use some of those days just getting to and from your destination. So you really want to make the most of those PTO days which is where a tour is really beneficial.

Sharing an experience with others creates a more intense and memorable experience.

This is actually a proven fact in an experiment conducted by Yale University. In the study, they had participants taste chocolate while eating it with someone else and then again while the other person was present, but doing something else. When asked to rate the chocolate, the participants rated the chocolate to be more flavorful when the other person shared in the experience with them. So yea, seeing that Santorini sunset is pretty awesome on your own, but even more magical and intense when experienced with others.

Tours give you the ability to really get away.

When you’re on a tour, especially if you're joining one as a solo traveler, the only things that are familiar and a reminder of home are all of the items packed in your luggage. A reason you've joined this tour is to really escape home and to fully immerse yourself in a completely new experience. This includes meeting new people from all around the world, trying new things and seeing new places.

Tours are led by local guides who are from the country which provides a unique experience.

By having a local guide, you'll have a firsthand experience of what it’s like growing up and living in that country. The guides are usually open books as well as passionate about their country so they're happy to answer any questions you may have and I recommend you ask away to fully get the experience. In addition, they can recommend local spots and steer you away from tourist spots. Most tours don't include all of your meals so you'll have time to dine where you'd like and that's when it's helpful to have a local guide who can make recommendations.

Tours can be more cost efficient than doing it on your own.

This is especially true if you're a solo traveler. Costs can quickly add up by the time you factor in lodging, excursions, rental car, etc. and you'll realize that for the same price or less, you can do the same trip, but with a local guide included and transportation and lodging all taken care of.

Tours provide a sense of safety.

As a solo female traveler, this is probably my number one benefit of joining a tour. It can be scary, intimidating and overwhelming to completely go on your own. However, by doing a tour you have the safety net of a guide and group so you're never truly alone.

Has highlighting the benefits of a tour piqued your interest in doing a tour? If so, contact me today so we can find you the perfect tour!

Disclaimer: As much as I love tours, tours are not for everyone. I repeat…tours are not for everyone. Because you’re on a schedule, there could be some pretty early mornings and long bus rides and you may feel like you're always on the go, but unfortunately it’s necessary when trying to make the most efficient use of your time. Another thing about tours is you’re with the same people for the duration of the tour and it’s not always realistic that you'll love everyone on the tour. However, I can say from personal experience that fellow travel mates have never put a damper on my trip or made me regret going. Lastly, flexibility is usually limited so roaming off to do your own thing may only happen at certain times during the tour.


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